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“Jika ingin mencari teman, ujilah dia dengan membuatnya marah. Jika dia tidak sabar dengan sikapmu itu jauhilah dia” - Luqman Al-Hakim

* coretan *

kadang kala pertemuan buat kita rasa bahagia..kadangkala rasa menyesal itu menguasai diri atas pertemuan ..namun siapa kita untuk menghalang atau mengkriktik takdir dari yang MAHA ESA..kerana sebuah pertemuan atau perpisahan itu pasti akan didatangi kebahagiaan atau pun kesedihan..kerana DIA ingin menguji sejauh mana kekuatan kita menghadapi setiap ujian yang DIA diberikan buat kita..kita harus bersyukur kerana diberikan waktu untuk menikmati saat saat begini...dan kita perlu hargai saat saat begini kerana bila tiba masa nya waktu perpisahan akan tiba bila ajal maut itu menemui kita semua...kerana setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan dan setiap yang hidup pasti akan kembali kepada NYA..

Jan 30, 2009

C0Py & PastE

^^ The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. –Vince Lombardi

^^ Without trust, there can not be love and without love there is no trust. So how do we rebuild or regain trust in the world we live?

^^ We may say people need to show themselves worthy of respect before we can respect them. But respecting another person is much more about WHO WE ARE than about who the other person is.

^^ To hear it, you must be willing to listen.

To see it, you must be willing to face reality.

To feel it, first, you must be open and honest with yourself.

Comes in many forms, most of which you will not like.

Starts from within.

When carried, can be twisted.

^^ Ask somebody, don’t just take your life into your own hands. You get one chance. Understand the reality of life. We are here by the sacrifices made by others. Where does the buck stop? War or Peace?

^^ One love, One heart And be love. Go ahead, try it, let your guard down and love every living thing. Show love, no matter what happens. Some people seem to have it down. They manage to stay cool no matter how hot it gets.

^^ People who know go to people who need to know. People who love go to people alone, like people who are blind go to people who can see.

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